This is a book for everyone who has ever known and loved a person with Alzheimer’s disease. The National Institute on Aging said about this book, "While there is a profusion of material on the subject, few books deal with the experience of Alzheimer's disease so intimately and from such a variety of perspectives."

Maggie, Dr. Thomas' contribution to this anthology, is a short story celebrating the deep capacity of the human spirit for love, compassion and understanding in the face of the suffering and tragedy of this disease.

From "Maggie"

"She was reaching for the phone when she saw the lights of a car. Running outside she stopped at the sight of a policeman helping Suzanne out of a patrol car."

From a reader

Jessica Bryan's anthology of stories and poems about Alzheimer's Disease provides an astounding collection of viewpoints on a disease that is slowly coming out of the closet. Many of us who have lost a loved one to this terrible disease feel utterly alone and defeated by the slow, subtle disintegration of self we bear witness to. It is hard to imagine that hearing tales of others would do much to boost the spirits, but Love Is Ageless proves otherwise.

There are words from doctors, nurses, family members, and even words from people in first phases of the disease. Each story sheds a different light. Some will make you laugh, some will make you cry, none will leave you indifferent. For those of you living or working with someone with Alzheimer's Disease, take a look at this book! And for those who have little or connection with Alzheimer's Disease, don't look away: this anthology speaks eloquently about the big issues: love, loss, fear, and acceptance. Love is Ageless is for everyone. Many of the stories and poems are literary masterpieces. See for yourself!


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